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Our gallery was born from passion. Passion for Photography.

Today, the camera is a commonly used appliance. Everyday, billions of photos are taken worldwide. We have become accustomed to being surrounded by images and rarely do we bother to notice them. There is something, however, that makes certain images exceptional, something due to which we find them moving or fascinating or which make us smile – in other words, something that makes images evoke some emotions. It is worth keeping an eye on them. They become Art. This is the kind of pictures we would like to show in our Gallery.

Dear Guest, I would like to talk you into going on a journey through the world of imagination. Not yours, no. Not now, at least. I mean the imagination and sensitivity of more or less known photographers who use films and cards to record the world as they see it. Sometimes the world they present is real, and sometimes only an imagined one, recurrently beautiful, yet at times repulsive or cruel. It may happen that the sensitivity of an Artist will become your sensitivity and that his Work of art will catch your eye and make you find a place for it on your wall…

Your wall is an important place. Worth of something extraordinary.

The aim of our project is to make it easier for you, Dear Visitor, to find a good photograph. We would like you to get to know works of Artists we selected on our website and to develop your interest in collector’s photography with us, and, finally yet importantly, to buy photographs worthy of your wall in an easy way and at a reasonable price.

“Good photography” is a relative notion, of course. Our selection of Authors and works is subjective but we try to escape the limitations of our own taste. We are not prejudiced against any kind of aesthetics, even if it is not “ours”. Due to our long presence on the market, we have some recognition and we often base on advice from authorities such as collectors, publishers, agents and gallery owners. While creating the portfolio of our Gallery, we want the photographs presented here to represent a suitable level and fulfil requirements posed for works of art. Therefore, dear Visitor, if you decide to order a photograph from us, you can be certain that you buy the work which will not only meet your sense of aesthetics but also is the collector’s original, representing a suitable technical level, with the price reflecting its market value.

Below you can find some additional formal and technical information. I encourage you to make yourself familiar with it. We will be also eager to answer all your questions concerning the principles of functioning of the Gallery and presented works.

Above all, however, we invite you to visit us.

Rafał Łochowski, curator of 6×7ART Gallery



Migavka Sp. z o. o. with the registered office in Warsaw, ul. Klaudyny 32c, NIP PL1181981018, Regon 141600156, share capital PLN 50,000, registered by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, XIII Commercial Department of the National Court Register with KRS No 0000312703.

The address of our office (send all correspondence here): Migavka Sp. z o.o., Gwiaździsta 71, 01-651 Warszawa. Telephone No: +48 22 7322701, e-mail: info@6x7art.com.



Photographs we offer are collector’s prints. They can be made in various techniques, depending on the concept of the author (e.g. silver gelatine print, one-off Polaroid prints, digital pigment prints and others). The common feature of all techniques is durability of the obtained print – it is assumed that the print should maintain its parameters for 100 years minimum (on condition of being exposed in specific conditions). The description of each work presented in the gallery contains information on technology of production and the detailed description of each technology in turn can be found in our glossary. Many works have been given a certificate confirming that they are authentic and that the copy was produced in compliance with the technological regime relevant for the particular technique.

Apart from technology of production, each photograph is characterised by several other features:



An essential feature a work of art, being of fundamental significance for the work’s value is its authenticity. The photograph is particularly endangered with copying since in this particular case copying is relatively easy: sometimes it is enough to copy a digital file from the Internet, print, forge the artist’s signature or stamp and one is able to offer a valuable “original” copy to an unaware purchaser. To avoid such surprises, all works of art (including photographs) had better be acquired from secure sources – in renowned galleries or directly from authors. When buying a work of art on the secondary market, it is worth verifying its authenticity with the author or the institution (gallery) which introduced the same on the collector’s market (usually the work is designated with a seal or another mark of the gallery).

Gallery 6×7ART guarantees the authenticity of offered photographs, confirming it with a relevant certificate. Photographs are marked with a raised seal (if possible) and additionally with a secret marking. We also keep the records of sold works of art, which facilitates confirmation of their authenticity in the case of their resale on the secondary market.



Images of offered works are presented on our websites purely for informational purposes. With respect to details and colours they may differ from copies delivered to buyers – this results from individual settings of monitors on which our websites are browsed as well as from other technological reasons (e.g. strong compression of files used in the Internet).

Rights to images of works shall remain the property of authors (or other entities). They are subject to copyright and our gallery has no right to dispose of them. Copying or using the images shall be prohibited. Digital files we present in the Internet have a limited resolution as well as special, secret markings facilitating identification of their origin.