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Wojtek Wieteska

Born in 1964. A photographer and a film director. Studied at Film & TV Academy in Łódź and History of Art at University of Warsaw and at Sorbona in Paris.

Wieteska is one of the best recognized polish contemporary photographers. He realized a number of artistic projects and participated in dozens of exhibitions around the World. He has never worked as press photographer, althought the european school of reportage photography had influenced his work the most. His works are filled with the atmosphere of silence and melancholy, sometimes with a dose of humour with a strongly individual and subjective hue.

Wieteska works as a photographer since 1986 roku. His journeys to Australia, North Africa, Middle East, Europe, Japan and USA had inspired a number of photography projects: „36 x Paris”, „Reality”, „Far West”, „Tokyo”, „N.Y.C. #02”, „Kathmandu Valley”, „Still Valley”, „Flights 91_08”. He also did a series about City of Warsaw: “Stacja Warszawa” (Warsaw Station), and now he works on project entitled „Poland 1986 – 2010: My Homeland” under a patronate of UNESCO. He works also as a director and producer of commercial films. Lives in Warsaw

Major individual exhibitions:

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Wojtek Wieteska