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Szymon Szczesniak

Szymon Szczesniak

Born in 1975 in Poland, studied at the Institute for Creative Photography (ITF) in Opava, Czech Republic.
He is mainly a commercial photographer working for advertising agencies
and most remarkable titles on Polish magazine market.
From 2008 Lecturer at Academy of Photography in Warsaw and Cracow.

In private he is inspired by everyday life. Both in commercial and author's work he is under a strong influence of abstraction and surrealism of the surrounding world. Images, cut out of reality in a humoristic way, are an alternative to the common documentary view. Images emphasized by using a medium format camera, a flashgun and a specific color range are classified by the author as the so-called supported reality.

I'm not afraid to ask someone to hunt, even if it would be a donkey. I'm trying not to interfere in peoples' lives, I ask them for permission if needed, if they say no I don't regret that. I don't want photography to make me tired and be something extorted. I intently observe and just in the last moment I'm taking the camera out. I'm not internally forced to take photographs, if everything comes about and I've got the camera with me, and there's nothing left except pressing the shutter, I do this. From the Czech school I have taken out great rudiments of a good document, but I have always been interested in pose portrait, I have been trying to connect in this photographs things I was taught with what I am. Abstraction in combination with seriousness of life gives pictures a distance and a bit of humor, without which I can't see myself as a photographer.”

 Port Autonome Gallery in Paris (2004)
 OBOK ZPAF Gallery in Warsaw (2006)
 Yours Gallery in Warsaw (2007)
 EGO Gallery  in Poznan (2009)
 MELON Gallery  in Warsaw (2009)
 House of Photography in Gliwice (2009)

Leica Gallery in Warsaw (2012)

Grand Prix Pozytyw 2005
Chimera 2006
Golden Drum Shortlist 2008
KTR Silver medal 2008
Zloty Orzel 2008
Grantfront 2009 I prize
Grantfront 2010 I prize - Art Front


Szymon Szczesniak