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Mikolaj Grynberg

Born first day of summer, 1966. A psychologist, photographer, writer. Lectures at Warsaw's School of Photography.

Grynberg pictures people, still life, landscapes, places. His images are often parts of complex artistic or documentary projects, accompanied by text or sound. His exhibitions sometimes become installations.

Mikolaj Grynberg works mostly in analog techniques, often using mid- and large format cameras and noble technologies of development. His pictures are filled with special, soft climate and nostalgia. They were awarded with many polish and international prizes.

He calls himself a happy man, who had found his place in the World.

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Mikolaj Grynberg, Untitled (Still Life with an Avo...

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Mikolaj Grynberg, Untitled (Still Life with an Avocado)

Warszawa, Poland, 2001

pigment print Obtained on a digital ink printer using water inks. Such a print can be realised on various bases, including high quality photo papers or photo canvas. The top-quality contemporary printers printing with many (often several) inks on excellent high substance paper bases allow to obtain collector’s prints of high durability, lasting event hundreds of years, and excellent colours exceeding the possibilities of other traditional and contemporary methods of prints making. Pigment ink, however, is characterised by low resistance to moisture and environmental factors hence prints displayed in unfavourable conditions shall be protected by varnish or laminated. on archive paper, dated, numbered and signedThe print bearing the signature of the author on the obverse or the reverse, in pencil or ink. Personality can also be glued on the reverse picture. by an Artist on the reverse and stamped by the Gallery. In passe-partoutThe way of framing photographs or pictures; cardboard box with a hole slightly smaller than the area of photography, used to protect its shores. Passe-partout can be single or double-layer, plain or decorated, with an angle or straight cut edges of the hole. It can be additionally framed in a frame and covered with glass or plexi. sized 50 x 70 cm (20 x 28"). Accompanied by the certificate of authenticity.

One of the photographs belonging to the famous series "Still Life", photographed by Grynberg for a 2002 calendar of the Kreglicki restaurant. Original picture was made in a polaroid transfer technique - the emulsion of the original large format polaroid film was transfered to the watercolor paper. Then the original was digitized and became the base for digital prints.

Untitled (Still Life with an Avocado)
Cat. #
Print Technology
33 x 50 cm
Signed by an Artist
Digital, archival print
Passe-partout, 2-layered, white
2500.00 PLN
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Pigment print on archive paper, dated, numbered and signed by an Artist on the reverse and stamped by the Gallery. In passe-partout sized 50 x 70 cm (20 x 28"). Accompanied by the certificate of authenticity. One of the photographs belonging...